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Analyzing the Sender of a Message

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Analyzing the Sender of a Message

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Whenever you receive a message, you should think about who sent it. A message from your teacher and a message from your best friend could be very different. And some messages come from many senders. Watch this video to understand how to analyze the sender of any message.

Your Turn Analyze a sender. Think of a message that you are currently studying. It might be an important letter, an article on the Internet, a famous speech, a short story, or even a work of art. (Whenever someone is trying to communicate something, a message is being sent). Analyze the sender of the message by answering these questions:

  1. Who is the sender?
  2. What is the sender trying to do with this message?
  3. What is the sender's role in creating the message?
  4. What is the sender's relationship to you?
  5. How trustworthy is this sender?
  6. Are there many senders?

From pages 240-241 in Inquire High School

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