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More Recess, Please

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Okay Persuasive Letter

This persuasive model argues for more recess time.

Title: More Recess, Please

Level: Grade 4, Grade 5

Mode: Persuasive Writing

Form: Persuasive Letter

Completed Rubric: More Recess, Please Rubric

Blank Rubric: Argument Rubric

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More Recess, Please

Student Model

More Recess, Please

Dear Mrs. Knight,

Do you remember fivth grade? Well, I do because I am in fivth grade. Well, if you do I bet you recall rules you hated, like how short the recess is. Well, read on to find out why I think recess should be longer.

First the rule I detest is how little the recess is. Recess should be longer about 40 to 55 minutes, because we need more exercise, and if you expand the recess time limit we can exercise by running, basketball and other sports or ways to get more in shape or healthier.

Second of all longer recess can be excellent for if you play football, baseball or kickball or any other long games like that, I bet you never finish them. You probably do half of the game one recess, and the other part in another recess. Unless the friends you played with live close to you that really never happens. Another reason is if we have longer recess time we can have fewer ties and that would be way cool. Teachers and probably all grown-ups like children to have ties because they do not want anyone to cry or wine. Well, if you think we like ties we do not!

Third of all recess is an outstanding time to refresh yourself. Recess is the best at refreshing you, because you can run like a dog trying to catch a cat or you can relax and get away from all those tests. Books, words, and mot of all headaches or brain freezes (when you can not think). Recess is marvels at getting away from the funky, stuffy and muggy smell in your school!! Last of all I hope you will change the rule of recess. Matthew. A. Walega


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