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Letter to the Editor (Cheating)

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Good Persuasive Letter

This middle school persuasive letter focuses on the problem of cheating.

Title: Letter to the Editor (Cheating)

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Persuasive Writing

Form: Persuasive Letter

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Letter to the Editor (Cheating)

Student Model

Dear Editor,

My name is Johanna Marshman and I am in the sixth grade at Solana Highlands Middle School. I am very concerned about cheating and how many students are cheating on tests, copying other students’ homework, and stealing answers to tests.

In a survey conducted by Who’s Who Among American High School Students it was found that “nearly ninety percent of students said cheating was common at their school. Seventy-six percent said they had cheated on tests.” This is a very serious problem in schools and something needs to be done.

It is difficult for children not to be influenced by their parents and other adults. If your parents cheat on their taxes or try to get out of paying a traffic ticket, they are not setting good examples for their children. Children will think that if my parents can cheat, why can’t I? When people who hold public office cheat, how can we expect children to be honest?

Parents should encourage their children to work independently, study hard, and learn to accept failures. Learning by making mistakes is important. Teachers should also help by setting up the classroom in a way that cheating isn’t possible. The school administration needs to make stricter rules and punishments when students cheat.

Cheating doesn’t accomplish anything. When you accomplish things without the help of other people you feel good about yourself. People who gain success by cheating are only cheating themselves.


Johanna Marshman

San Diego, CA


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