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Inauguration Speech of the 49th U.S. President

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In this persuasive speech for Honors Public Speaking, a student imagines his inauguration as the 49th U.S. President in the middle of the 21st Century.

Title: Inauguration Speech of the 49th U.S. President

Level: Grade 11, Grade 12

Mode: Persuasive Writing

Form: Speech

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Inauguration Speech of the 49th U.S. President

Student Model

Inauguration Speech of the 49th U.S. President

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right with America.”

These are the words of former president Bill Clinton, and these words still ring true today. Citizens of the United States of America, we rise today to set our eyes on our future. Though we do not know where we will go, or what challenges face us. We know that wherever we go, we go together. In this turning point in history our nation will see a rebirth in economics, democracy, and politics. I’m thankful for the trust the people have given me with this responsibility as the 49th president of the United States of America. Yet, I am also facing the sobering reality we face. We are facing a time of economic recession that we have not seen since 1929 in the Great Depression. Thousands have lost their jobs, homes, and family. We face an increasingly warming environment, and we face dealing with increasing unrest in third world countries in the middle-east. Despite the odds we face, it is not the elected officials, but the people who will make lasting change in our country. We, the people, must restore the lives that were shattered by the economic collapse of 2042. We the people, must create jobs, create equality, and create new opportunity for future generations of America. Our schools must be reformed to educate more people than before. We must expand our financial aid to those who struggle most. We must cut back on the money wasted by failed programs initiated by past leaders, and most importantly, we must secure a safe, and prosperous, nation for our children.

Many Americans across the country are worried. They are worried they won’t be able to eat, they are worried they won’t be able to live in a house, and they are worried that nothing is going to change. I am here to tell those Americans that we are here today to make a change. The student who wonders if he will be able to feed himself, shall know bread. The mother who fears her son going off to war, shall know peace, and the father that fears his daughter’s sickness, shall know health. The tides of change have come to sweep away our hardships, and to wipe away the years of toil and destruction. This problem can not be solved by policies alone. With an unemployment rate that has climbed to nearly 30% in just 2 years, America is certainly facing troubled times. Under the unification of our people, we can take this country to greater times. Our country shall rise from the ashes with the fiery fury of a phoenix. We shall establish a New Deal to bring our country back on track. Recreate trade among our allies, rebuild American manufacturing, and protect citizens from further economic collapse. We will bring back our country, and we will see another time of prosperity.

Time and time again, we have stared fear in the face. We have stood unfazed by a Civil War, two World Wars, and Economic Depression and Recession. In those times of economic hardships, it has not been the parties but the people who have carried us out. We are not defined by our political parties. Party lines are like a wall that separate the people from solving real issues, they allow us to dehumanize half of this country. It no longer acceptable for our country of so many, to be controlled by so few. We must find new ways to reinvigorate young people into politics. In this land, every vote should count. We should not make it harder to vote, but easier. That is why we must get rid of voter I.D., Gerrymandering, and the Electoral College. All of these policies strangle democracy. It is time the people are trusted with their future that they have won through the lash, won through the sword, and won through the fire. We must bring our country back to center, the engines of industry must roar back to life, the wheels of innovation must turn again, and the heart of the people must be revitalized. The only way to insure safety is to expand job creation policies to protect the people. Our nation is calling for action, and action now. We cannot sit idly by while our neighbor suffers. This must be done to help our fellow man here and across the world.

Our country is founded by the American Dream. It started with our ancestors, those who ready to travel across oceans and work hard. They worked hard because they believed if they worked hard, their family could move up the economic chain. They worked hard because they knew there was more than themselves in this great nation. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Non-believers. We are a nation of Black and White, Hispanic and Asian. Above all else though, we are a nation of Americans. However, the American Dream only thrives on honesty, selflessness, honor, and hard work. Without these, the American Dream cannot live.

Our country is strong, and we must band together once again to rise up. We have this chance to reach new heights; and we mustn't lose it. Together, we must bring together a new dawn that will bring change. Time has called upon us now to give more than we take. It is time we call upon each other to stand strong. We must work hard and break new boundaries. As we push further and further, we cannot forget how far we have come. From the birth of our nation to the rising sun of tomorrow, we will know plenty in our nation. In the wise words of Steven Benet, “Grant us a common faith that man shall know bread and peace that he shall know justice and righteousness, freedom and security, an equal opportunity and an equal chance to do his best not only in our own lands, but throughout the world. And in that faith let us march toward the clean world our hands can make.”


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