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How I Will Contribute to College

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Okay Personal Essay

This fair personal essay responds to a college-entrance prompt, though its formulaic nature and general support leave it unremarkable for readers.

Title: How I Will Contribute to College

Level: Grade 11, Grade 12

Mode: Narrative Writing

Form: Personal Essay

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How I Will Contribute to College

Student Model

College-entrance prompt: You seek to get an education, but your time in college is also about contributing positively to the university. How will you make a difference in class and on campus? Use examples from your life to show how your presence will contribute to college culture.


How I Will Contribute to College

I will contribute to college culture in three ways: by participating in class, by being a good roommate, and by not being a problem for anybody.

First of all, I will participate in class. In all of the classes I take, I make sure to speak up. What's the best way to learn? Join the class discussions. Some people are worried about saying something wrong, but you can't let that get in your way. You have to make some mistakes or you won't learn anything. When I get to college, I will be part of our discussions and will do the homework and help other people who are having trouble understanding ideas.

In addition, I will be a good roommate. Some people can't make it in college because their roommates are rude or don't have any respect for other people and their possessions. I am polite and I don't touch something that does not belong to me. I am quiet also, listening to music with ear buds instead of out loud, and I talk in a reasonable voice. Also, I don't party, so my roommate will not have to put up with that confusion and mess. I hope my roommate is as considerate as I am.

Finally, I will not be a problem for anybody. Like I said, I don't party, so that means there won't be any problems with cops or bad behavior. And I won't just respect my roommates' property, but also the property of everyone around me and the university, itself. I don't cheat either. All my work is my own, so there's not that problem either. Pretty much think of the top ten ways that college students get in trouble and know that you won't see my picture next to any of those headlines.

In conclusion, I will contribute to college culture by participating in class, being a good roommate, and not being a problem for anybody. If everybody else acts like I am going to act, the college will be a very nice place to learn.


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