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Being True to Yourself: The Call of the Wild

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Poor Literary Analysis

This student model focuses on Jack London's The Call of the Wild.

Title: Being True to Yourself: The Call of the Wild

Level: Grade 9, Grade 10

Mode: Response to Literature

Form: Literary Analysis

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Being True to Yourself: The Call of the Wild

Student Model

Being True to Your Self: The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild was a good book. It was about a dog who had to fight for survival in Alaska a long time ago. Buck was the dog. He was strong and smart. He figured out that he could not be true to himself if he lived with men so he left them and went into the wild. The book was about how wildness is good.

At first Buck was the king of the farm where he grew up. He was in charge of everything. The writer calls him the king, too. When Buck got kidnaped he was not the king anymor. He was the lowly one. He had to fight his way up until he was the leder of his sled team. The fight where he kills Spitz was painful to read if you like dogs which I do. But Buck was smart so he knew exactly what to do and everybody was happy until the team got sold to some people who were not very smart. They overfed and then starved the dogs and made them run to much. Buck hung in there the whole time because he knew that he would survive.

When Buck got saved by John Thompson his whole life changed. Now he was king again and he had a great friend. He followed Thompson everwhere and saved his life. He thought that Thompson was great accept when he slept by the fire and saw cave men and thought about wild times from long ago as if he was there. That’s when Buck thought he should go check out the wild.

When Buck checked out the wild, he met a wolf and they became brothers. They ran far together. Then Buck hunted a giant moose and killed it. He was real proud but he ran back to John Thompson but he was killed by Indians and so now Buck was really mad and sad too. He gave up on men and lived in the wild with the wolfes.

Buck realized that he was meant to live in the wild because he was strong and the wolves respected him. Living where you belong is important. Everybody has got to figure out what is important in life.


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