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The Missing Coin

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This story is well organized, and the sentences flow smoothly. There are lots of details and excellent word choices.

The Missing Coin

It was the day after St. Patrick’s Day, and all the little leprechauns were settling down for a nap. But one leprechaun named Sly was wide awake. He had lost his magic coin!

Meanwhile a little girl named Emma had found the leprechaun’s magic coin. “Hey, look at this!” she exclaimed to her mom.

“Wow,” said her mom, “I think it's a real leprechaun coin. Without it the leprechaun can’t get around very fast. You'd better go to the woods and try to find the leprechaun who lost it.” So the girl hurried off into the woods.

A few minutes after the girl entered the woods, she saw a little leprechaun moving very slowly through a patch of three-leaf clovers. She said, “Here’s your coin back.” The leprechaun was very grateful. He gave the girl three wishes and set off, never to lose his coin again.

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