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Mama’s Stitches

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This poem addresses domestic violence. If you prefer not to read about that subject, please continue to the next model. Twelfth-grade writer Jessica’s words paint memorable images; her lines present realism without the aura of shame or blame.

Mama’s Stitches

Mama’s stitches color me like dark

crayons striking paper; my

beautiful Mama’s stitches find me on

the rainy days I try to hide.

Broken vase upon cold tile; sorry

Mama, Mama—I’ll be better

than the little girl I was last week;

you said I needed fixing.

Stitches, stitches, you say will hold me

together; if not now, then forever.

I’ll understand one day, how papas lie

and kiss their bottles instead of mamas.

Oh, Mama, Mama, black and blue

the kids at school ask why I have

these stitches and I smile and say they’re

glue. I’ll stay together better than

the best of you. Mama used to sing for me

but Papa taught her to learn me right

and someday I won’t make the same

mistakes. Mama’s stitches stay with me

even when they’ve disappeared.

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