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Writing a List Poem

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Writing a List Poem

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Did you know a list can be poetic? A list poem features an inventory of people, places, things, or ideas organized in a special way. Often the title says what the list is about. It does not necessarily need to include rhythm or rhyme, but each word should be carefully chosen and memorable. Check out these list poems:

What's in the box under my bed?

eight marbles and a shoestring

a shiny bubblegum ring

two valuable baseball cards

some chocolate candy bars

a letter my friend wrote

Black History Is

Frederick at a lectern

Harriet along a railroad

Rosa aboard a bus

Martin amid a march

Thurgood inside a courtroom

Nine outside a schoolhouse

Jackie at the ball diamond

Mae beyond the Earth

Barack atop the polls

Your Turn Follow the steps to create a list poem.

  1. Review the sample poems above.
  2. Pick a topic you care a lot about.
  3. Choose a title that invites readers into your poem.
  4. Create a thoughtful list that reveals something about your title.
  5. Revise the wording of your list items to make them more vivid or memorable.

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