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Writing a Fictionalized Diary

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Writing a Fictionalized Diary

Writing a Fictionalized Diary
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A diary is a personal record of your own daily actions, experiences, and observations, with reflections and random thoughts thrown in for good measure. Keeping a diary lets you think about your life and improve your writing skills.

As a fun alternative, consider writing a diary entry about the life of an object in your school—such as a pencil, paintbrush, or microscope. For example, here's how a pencil might begin a diary entry.

October 20, 2017

Dear Diary, 

Today, I was sharpened. This was a big deal because . . .

Your Turn Write a diary entry or blog post from the perspective of an object in your classroom or school. To help you get started, consider how your object would answer these questions:

  • What things have you “seen”?
  • What conversations have you “heard”?
  • Where do you “live,” and what do you “do”?
  • When do you feel lonely? When do you feel loved?
  • What are your hopes, dreams, or ambitions?

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