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Would You Rather?

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Would You Rather?

Comparing Apples to Oranges

Often, life offers us options. So do commonly confused words. You can practice getting those words right by playing "Would You Rather" with a partner:

  • Questioner: Would you rather have fewer possessions or less money?
  • Responder: Considering how much stuff I have, I could get by with fewer possessions, but I need my money!
  • Questioner: Would you rather be a superhero figuratively or literally?
  • Responder: If I were figuratively a superhero, I could be a movie star who plays one, so that's what I'd choose. Being literally a superhero requires fighting supervillains all the time. No thanks!

Your Turn For each pair of commonly confused words, write a "Would you rather . . ." question. Find a partner and ask the person your first question. Your partner should choose an option and give a reason. After all of your questions, switch roles and answer your partner's questions..

  1. adapt/adopt
  2. affect/effect
  3. bad/badly
  4. bring/take
  5. continual/continuous
  6. explicit/implicit
  7. ingenious/ingenuous
  8. lend/borrow
  9. personal/personnel
  10. vain/vein


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