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Spell the Right Word

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Spell the Right Word

Using the Right Word

Commonly confused words often sound the same but have different spellings. You can practice correct spellings of words by playing "Spell It" with a partner. Here is an example:

Partner 1: I bought coverage to insure my car. Spell "insure."

Partner 2: I N S U R E

Partner 1: The old pipes contaminated the water with lead. Spell "lead."

Partner 2: L E A D

Your Turn Write a sentence that correctly uses each word below. Then find a partner. Read your first sentence aloud and say, "Spell . . ." and the commonly confused word. Your partner should then spell the word aloud. After working through each of your sentences, switch roles and have your partner read sentences while you spell the word.

  1. advice/advise
  2. capital/capitol
  3. complement/compliment
  4. moral/morale
  5. plain/plane
  6. their/they're
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