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Performing a Stop 'n' Write

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Performing a Stop 'n' Write

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One of the best ways to activate your learning is to stop and write. In this activity, you pause in the middle of your reading or listening to write a brief reflection about what has happened in the text or lesson so far.

Your goal is to get your ideas down in a way that is most natural to you. You could, perhaps, combine words, pictures, and/or graphic organizers.

When you reflect, answer questions such as these:

  • What is the most important thing I learned so far?
  • What parts didn’t I understand?
  • What parts do I want to know more about?
  • How does the writing/topic make me feel?
  • What will happen next?
  • What does this story, topic, or concept remind me of?

Your Turn Stop halfway through your next reading assignment and write an answer to one or more of the questions from above. Try writing non-stop for 5 to 8 minutes. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation. If you get stuck, draw a picture or create a diagram about the topic.

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