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Literal Idioms

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Literal Idioms

Floating on Air

Idioms are groups of words with a meaning different from their literal definition. So, once you understand the figurative meaning of an idiom, you can have fun using it in a literal sense.

I had a rude awakening when waves rocked the boat. I felt numb and had to shake a leg to stand up. I put my best foot forward and stepped over and above the stern seat to start the motor and shift into high gear.

Your Turn Read through the following idioms, and if any are unfamiliar, look up the meaning in Write for College or online. Pick out four or more idioms that interest you and use them all literally in a short, ridiculous paragraph. (Download this activity.)

ahead of the curve

big picture

break the ice

cold shoulder

drop in the bucket

face the music

fall through the cracks

floating on air

elephant in the room

hands are tied

hit the ceiling

in the long run

in the loop

land on your feet

learn the ropes

nose to the grindstone

out the window

raise the bar

red tape

save face

see eye to eye

shoot from the hip

take the bull by the horns

throw in the towel

touch base

up in the air

work the bugs out

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