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Fixing Run-On Sentences

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Fixing Run-On Sentences

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Your Turn Read the rules about run-on sentences. Then read the paragraph, which has problems of this kind. Show how you would fix each run-on by writing the last word in one sentence followed by correct end punctuation and the capitalized first word in the next sentence. Or you can print the lesson to mark your corrections.

Run-On Sentence Rules:

  1. A run-on sentence occurs when two sentences are joined with no punctuation or conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet).
  2. Fix a run-on sentence by placing the correct end punctuation mark at the end of one sentence and capitalizing the first word in the next sentence.


  • Dingdong! Crack!

    Fixing Run-On Sentences
  • Dingdong! Crack! (corrected)

    Fixing Run-On Sentences

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