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Hmong People

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Poor MLA Research Paper

This poor research report about the Hmong needs more development and more sources.

Title: Hmong People

Level: Grade 11, Grade 12

Mode: Response to Literature

Form: MLA Research Paper

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Student Model

Hmong People

People in America come from all over the place. The Hmong people came from China, Thiland, Laos, and Vietnam. Now there in America. They are having trouble with prejudice but they are going to fit in, like everybody.

The Hmong people fought in Vietnam They helped America win. But when it lost, they had to get out of there. So they came to America. They tried cities but that was too crowded. They tried farms in California, but that was tooo expensive. They tried cheap farms in Minnesonta, and that was just right.

The Hmong have big families because they marry so young. But there changing that. There also learning english and getting good jobs now. Even the women (Bankston). The young ones are just like everybody, but the old ones are more like they used to be.

So that's it for the Hmong. There here and ready to stay.


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