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On Golden Pond

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Poor Literary Analysis

This poor literary analysis has some interesting ideas but needs much more development.

Title: On Golden Pond

Level: Grade 11, Grade 12

Mode: Response to Literature

Form: Literary Analysis

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Student Model

On Golden Pond

The movie On Golden Pond is set on Golden Pond, which shows how important the setting is. The setting is the title. Reviewers say that the setting of this movie is basically another character. Norman is a cranky "old poop." Ethel is loves everything in life. The Pond is what they love in life.

First off, it's not really a pond. It's a whole lake. They go powerboating on it. That's bigger than a pond. But On Golden Lake wouldn't sound as good. Also, the cabin isn't really "on" the "pond," but beside it. But Beside Golden Lake also would not sound as good. So the title On Golden Pond isn't literal but is meant to sound beautiful and dreamy, which is why this is such an important setting.

Ethel and Norman come back to their cabin every summer, so they have to clear away covers off seats and make sure the phone works. Norman is forgetful and calls the operator and thinks the operator called him. The place is cluttered because it is their life. It's a time capsule.

Their divorced daughter drops her fiancay's teenage son at the house. Norman doesn't like him at first but then likes him. I guess when you live on a golden pond, there's enough to do that every enemies can be friends. If they had to take care of a teenage boy in a cramped apartment, the cops would get called sooner or later.

So that shows how important the setting is. The Golden Pond is a dreamy time capsule where even an old poop and a teenager can get along. The fact that this show isn't In Gray Apartment shows how important the setting is.


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