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The Gail Woodpecker

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Poor Explanatory Essay

This middle school explanatory essay gives some facts about a special type of bird.

Title: The Gail Woodpecker

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Explanatory Writing

Form: Explanatory Essay

Completed Rubric: The Gail Woodpecker Rubric

Blank Rubric: Explanatory Rubric

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Student Model

The Gail Woodpecker

Have you ever wondered what kinds of woodpeckers there are? We’ll tell you what the Gail woodpecker is the one we will talk about.

The Gail woodpeckers size is 25 cm maximum. It’s colors are red, black, yellow, white, and gray. The way you can tell about males and females are males have red spots on it’s head females don’t.

They live in the deserst like Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. If it lives anywhere like Wisconsin it will die.

The difference between a Wood pecker and Gail is that a Woodpecker lives in a place with seasns like winter and summer.

It eats insect larva, spiters, ants but not plants.

If people know it will die if it not on the desers. Why do they put them in zoos.


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