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Corn for the Future

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Poor Problem-Solution

In this poor problem-solution essay, a student argues for the use of ethanol.

Title: Corn for the Future

Level: Grade 11, Grade 12

Mode: Persuasive Writing

Form: Problem-Solution

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Corn for the Future

Student Model

Corn for the Future

If you don't like corn, don't worry. Your car likes it. Don't poor a can of corn in your gas tank. But you can fill your gas tank with ethanol. It will run your car and save the enviroment.

Ethanol comes from corn. They make corn into alcohol for your tank. Usually when you get gas, its 10 perscent from corn, so that shows it works. The goverment decided to make it like that because of the pollution from gasoline. Corn does have pollution too, but not as much. “Ethanol has a positive energy balance” says the U.S. Government. That's why it is better.

Most cars can already use ethanol even without gas. A car that says “Flex Fuel” can use just ethanol. The only way a car wouldn't be able to use corn fuel is if the oil people made sure it didn't. They mess with peoples cars so they don't work right on ethanol and they mess with peoples heads so they don't think right about it. They say it makes more pollution than gas, but it doesn't. They also say you cant buy corn to eat anymore, but you can. They just want Americans to keep addicted to oil. We get plenty on our fries, so we don't need any more in our cars.

We should use ethanol. We should make more for everybody. What do we want? Corn! When do we want it? Corn for the future!


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