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Vegetarian Lunch Options at Bay High

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Karin, the email writer, speaks knowledgeably and sincerely as she presents a reasonable, thoughtful request.

To: Anne Cline

Subject: Vegetarian Lunch Options at Bay High

Dear Ms. Cline:

Last summer I became a vegetarian. After visiting my uncle’s farm in Iowa, I couldn’t bear the thought of eating meat anymore.

When school started, I thought I could eat school lunches by simply staying away from meat dishes. My plan worked for a few weeks, but it got tough to eat peanut-butter sandwiches and applesauce every day. The school lunch program is great for most students, but it doesn’t work well for vegetarians.

After talking with other vegetarian students, I believe that the lunch program can work for everyone. Some options are to have a greater variety of side dishes and a salad bar every day that even nonvegetarians could enjoy. The school lunch program would then provide something for everyone.

I was happy with the school lunches before I became a vegetarian, and I hope that now you will be able to offer meals that I can enjoy just as much.


Karin K.

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