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Mid-Project Report on History Paper

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Danielle, the writer of this email, presents a clear, organized message. The beginning states the email's purpose, the middle provides the necessary details, and the ending explains what happens next.

To: Mr. Marcus

Subject: Mid-Project Report on History Paper

Here’s an update on my history paper about China. At first I had trouble finding information on my topic, but I’ve made this progress.

  1. I went to the library, and Ms. Pate showed me how to use the computer for my search.
  2. After I showed you my project proposal, I took your advice to look at either Chinese dating practices or wedding traditions, but not both.
  3. After researching both topics, I found several sources on Chinese wedding traditions, but only a few on dating practices. So I will write about present-day Chinese wedding customs.
  4. I found a Web site with information about Chinese wedding traditions at
  5. For my primary research, I interviewed Donna Sung, our foreign exchange student from Shanghai, about her experiences of weddings in China.

I will finish my first draft by next Wednesday and will be on schedule for the deadlines I gave you in my project proposal.



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