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A Lesson to Learn

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Eddie, a seventh grader, wrote a brief journal entry about his little brother’s annoying habit of asking questions all the time—and how it taught him a lesson.

A Lesson to Learn

My little brother is so irritating. All day long he says, “Eddie, I wonder why people can talk but animals can’t.” Or, “I wonder why the ocean looks blue.” Of course, I don’t know the answers, but I don’t let him know that. I just make up reasonable explanations, and he accepts them as if I’m the smartest person in the world. Before I answer one of his questions, I usually tell him that he’s pretty stupid and asks too many questions.

Well, yesterday we both got our report cards. I got B’s and C’s, and he got straight A’s. Under the “Comments” section on my report card, it said, “Eddie would be getting better grades if he asked more questions.” Of course, on my brother’s report card, it said just the opposite.

To make things worse, my brother squawked all day about how I was so stupid for not asking questions! I just sighed and told him he was right—I wouldn't make fun of him anymore for asking so many questions.

Yes, I learned a lesson from my little brother: Never be afraid to ask questions, and NEVER be afraid to wonder why.

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