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Jet Bikes

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Fifth-grader Ethan moves the reader smoothly through his personal narrative with transition words like first, then, also, so far, and when.

Jet Bikes

Have you ever run a business from a playhouse? My friends and I have. It is a bike shop. We call it Jet Bikes.

One day my friend Trent asked me and my brother Jared if we wanted to build a bike shop out of his old playhouse. Jared and I said, “Yes.” So we went to get permission from my mom to go to Trent’s house and get started.

The first thing we did was get some things out of his garage. We got old, rusty bolts; new, shiny nuts; black tape; wrenches; half-empty cans of oil; and screws. Then we built a new roof for the playhouse. We also had to clean the dirt and leaves out of it.

So far we’ve only worked on our own bikes because not many people know about our shop. We had to fix Trent’s chain a few times. We also had to fix his tire because it would go flat every five minutes. We changed the inner tube and also used some stuff called “No More Flats.” Now it never goes flat!

When we are older, we plan on putting signs up around town and maybe even have a Web site. We will work on bikes as big as 20 speeds and as small as bikes with training wheels. We hope to have a lot of customers.

Do you think you’ll ever come here with a bike for my friends and me to work on? I hope so because it would be fun to have some customers, and it might be fun for you to have kids fix your bike!

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