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Student Model Print

The word pictures in this poem, submitted by fifth-grader Sarah, paint a dreamy image!


As your eyes flutter and your breathing slows,

Teddy bear clasped in your hand,

You hop on a beautiful train

To a mystical, enchanted land.

You step down on cloud steps

And think, “Is this actually real?”

Your breathing stops, and your eyes pop open;

Shock is what you feel.

Ladies dance in pink silk dresses,

And their skin looks so fair

While they talk and laugh with the wind

And ribbons twirl in their hair.

They fly over rainbows.

They glide over streams.

They dance on and on—

Forever, it seems.

You can ride on an eagle,

You can wish on a star,

And joy fills your body

Wherever you are.

Then you hear the sound of a rooster;

It says you have to go.

So you wake up with the sunrise

And feel a charming inner glow.

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