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Chloe’s Day

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Erin, fifth grade, tells her story from the point of view of her cat. The closing lines bring this adventure full circle.

Chloe’s Day

The first thing I do when I wake up is lick myself with my pink, scratchy tongue. Then I get up and stretch. First I stretch my front legs, then I stretch my back legs. Next, I go wake up Erin’s mom by scratching on her door. Sometimes she sprays me with a squirt bottle filled with water to stop me, but mostly she gives me my favorite smelly salmon cat food with medicine in it. Then I sleep until lunch.

When I wake up again, my stomach is growling, so I meow for more food. Usually Erin’s mom gives me more, but sometimes she tells me to go eat my hard, dry cat food. After lunch, I look out the patio door for birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, a chipmunk comes to the door and says hi. Then I lunge at the window to say hello back, but he scurries away with his tail up in the air. Next, I go into the den and lie on the floor for a rest. Then I notice a fuzzy twitching thing right next to me, and I start to chase it. After people start laughing at me, I realize that it is my own tail! After all that, I go into the living room and sleep again.

When I wake up, it is supper time, and I am hungry. I want to eat again. Erin or her mom serves me some more scrumptious, smelly salmon cat food. Ahh! That tastes good. Then it’s time to go outside. I have an exciting time avoiding the sly coyotes and chasing after little night creatures.

Finally, Erin’s dad opens the door to let me in. I go to Erin’s bed and sleep the rest of the night. Then a new day arrives, and my adventures start all over again.

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