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Using Quotation Marks

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Using Quotation Marks

Gollum paddling in underground river

Your Turn Read the rules for quotation marks. Then read the paragraph, which needs quotation marks around titles of short works and the exact words of speakers. Write the word next to each quotation mark and show where the mark goes, or print the lesson and mark your corrections.

Quotation Mark Rules:

  1. Place quotation marks around the titles of short works such as stories, songs, poems, articles, or chapters: Bilbo meets Gollum in the chapter "Riddles in the Dark."
  2. Place quotation marks around the exact words of a speaker: Gollum asks, "What is it, my precioussss?"
  3. When a period or comma comes at the end of quoted material, place the punctuation inside the quotation marks: "Dear me," says Bilbo. "What a peculiar smell."
  4. When a question mark or an exclamation point comes after quoted material, put the mark inside if it belongs to the quotation, or outside if it belongs to the whole sentence: Gollum shrieks, "Where is it?" Will Bilbo realize the ring is Gollum's "birthday present"?


  • Girl with the Crooked Hair

    Using Quotation Marks
  • Girl with the Crooked Hair (corrected)

    Using Quotation Marks

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