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Reading as a Writer

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Reading as a Writer

Reading as a Writer
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Close reading leads to good writing. By reading as a writer, you can discover strategies for your own writing. Use this activity to focus on the decisions and techniques an author uses to communicate.

Your Turn: Choose a favorite text to read. Then work with a partner to follow the steps for reading as a writer.

  1. Ask prereading questions.
    • What is the writer’s purpose for this piece of writing? (to inform, to persuade, to entertain?)
    • Who is the intended audience?
    • Is this the kind of writing I could picture myself doing?
  2. Read the text once for understanding.
  3. Break up the text into parts (paragraph; heading; beginning, middle, ending ).
  4. Read each part closely, asking these questions (make a copy of this Google Doc to fill in your answers):
    • What does this part do or accomplish? How does the writer accomplish it?
    • How does this part relate to the part that came before it?
    • What writing features stand out? (a short but effective sentence or a strong piece of evidence)
    • What writing strategies or techniques from this part could I try out in my own writing?
  5. Extension activity: Apply one or more of the techniques you discovered to a piece of writing you are developing.
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