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Expressing Emotions Through Movement

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Expressing Emotions Through Movement

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People often express their emotions in the way that they move. You can guess what someone else is feeling by seeing how the person moves. You can also become more aware of your own feelings by noticing how you are moving. This activity will help you practice.

Your Turn Express emotions through movement.

  1. Stand next to your desk and begin to walk in place.
  2. Imagine that you are angry. Walk for five seconds as if you are angry.
  3. Freeze in an angry pose and hold it for five seconds.
  4. Shake off the angry feeling and walk in place normally again.
  5. Imagine being happy. Walk that way for five seconds. Then freeze that way for five seconds. Shake it off.
  6. Walk as if sad. Freeze. Shake it off.
  7. Walk as if fearful. Freeze. Shake it off.
  8. Walk as if hurt. Freeze. Shake it off.
  9. Walk as if you were feeling love. Freeze. Shake it off.
  10. Think how each emotion made you move.
  11. Throughout the day, notice how you are moving and feeling.
  12. Also notice how others are moving and feeling.

From page 81 in In Focus (K-2)

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