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Class Mascot

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Class Mascot

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Many sports teams have a mascot—a character who represents the team in a memorable, sometimes goofy way. Now imagine that you need to create a mascot for one of your classes in school. Use your best creative thinking to come up with a great mascot.

Your Turn Follow the directions below to create a mascot for a class you are taking.

  1. List at least ten possible mascots for the class.
  2. Pick your three favorite ideas and tell why each one would represent the class well.
  3. Choose your best idea and list at least five great names for it. Choose the best one.
  4. Draw a picture of the mascot.
  5. List at least three possible catch-phrases for your mascot. Choose the best one.
  6. List at least three signature moves your mascot makes.
  7. Compare your mascot to other mascots created for the class.

From the blog post "How to Teach Creativity"

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