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Teacher Tips and Answers

Writing a Personal Narrative

Once you finish prewriting, you are ready to tell your story in writing. These activities will help you hook the reader's interest at the beginning, build interest through a sequence of events, and lead to a strong ending for your personal narrative. You'll also read another student's essay to see how all of the parts came together.

Writing the Beginning Paragraph

Write a lead.

Read each lead-writing strategy. Then write an example of your own. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

The first sentence in your narrative should grab the reader’s attention. It is called a lead. The following strategies will help you write an effective lead.

  1. Start in the middle of the action:

    I thought I was ready when I arrived at our school’s auditorium.

    (Answers will vary.)

  2. Start with dialogue:

    “Just wait a little longer,” said my grandpa.

    (Answers will vary.)

  3. Start with an interesting fact or statement:

    When Manny came to my school, I didn’t expect to become best friends.

    (Answers will vary.)

Write your beginning paragraph.

Write your lead and give more details to introduce your experience. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.


(Answers will vary.)

Introductory Details:

(Answers will vary.)

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