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In Focus Professional Development

How is In Focus organized?

In Focus has three levels: K–2, 3–5, and 6–8.

Each level has three parts, targeting the needs of different parts of the human brain.

  • Part 1 Meeting the Needs of the Brain Stem: Creating Safety, Security, and Connection in the Classroom
  • Part 2 Meeting the Needs of the Limbic System: Identifying and Expressing Emotion
  • Part 3 Meeting the Needs of the Cortex: Focusing, Managing, and Harnessing Emotions to Support and Enhance Learning
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    How are the lessons organized?

    In Focus provides brief (10–15 minute) lessons, four times per week, for each week of the school year.

    Each lesson starts with a "Focus of the Day," such as "Learning About the Brain." The section "Background Knowledge" helps you fully understand the activity you will present. The "Activity of the Day" provides blue scripting that you can read or paraphrase, as well as parenthetical instructions for the activity. You'll also find a "Quote of the Day," "Resources Required," and a "Teacher Self-Reflection" to deepen your learning.

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    Is In Focus a print or online product?

    You can use either print or online versions of the program:

    The premium editions of In Focus Online include parental access to parallel "At-Home Activities" that they can do along with their children, extending the social-emotional learning into the home. The premium editions also include "Student Reflections" that help students fully grasp each lesson.