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The Right to Dress

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Okay Argument Essay

This student argues that choice of clothing and hairstyle are matters of individual expression and shouldn't be so strictly curtailed by school policy.

Title: The Right to Dress

Level: Grade 9, Grade 10

Mode: Persuasive Writing

Form: Argument Essay

Completed Rubric: The Right to Dress Rubric

Blank Rubric: Argument Assessment Rubric

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Student Model

The Right to Dress

The school code for dress and hair has become a problem. Recently, a guy was suspended for the “crime” of wearing unusual clothes and doing his hair green. I don’t think any kids should be punished for their choice in clothes.

What a kid wears is a personal thing, a way to show their individuality. Like being unique is suppose to be so special, but then we get in trouble when we try to show it. In the olden days, when people started wearing long hair, beads and sandals, they didn’t get hassled for it. Now, we wear wide-leg jeans that are too big and different colored hair, we get bad looks from people but we can sometimes get punished too. It doesn’t make no sense.

Fashion is a very basic right in a teen’s life. We think alot about what we look like and what others think about us. If you think about it, school is one big fashion show. People look at what you wear and are always looking for trendsetters. It seems like the teachers and principal don’t get how teens are about their clothes. If we are not aloud to wear what we want, we might get made fun of, and you just KNOW what happens to kids when that happens. Kids can really suffer from it.

It’s discrimination when certain kinds of clothes aren’t aloud. People think that just because you wear all black and have spiked hair, you’re a troublemaker or something. They don’t understand that it’s just fashion, and all kids who dress in black and wear chains don’t think the same way. Clothes don’t make you into something you’re not. When you don’t trust others because of the way they dress, you’ve gone too far.  And our school has gone too far.

If we have to fit into some kind of a mold for what is acceptable for us to wear, we don’t have no more freedom of expression or freedom of choice. Everyone has a right to dress, think, feel and act however they want to, as long as they don’t forget that others have that right to. So stop blaming the clothes.


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