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Bad Choices, Bad Results

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Poor Literary Analysis

In this poor response to literature, a student analyzes one character from Jane Eyre.

Title: Bad Choices, Bad Results

Level: Grade 11, Grade 12

Mode: Response to Literature

Form: Literary Analysis

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Bad Choices, Bad Results

Student Model

Bad Choices, Bad Results

Mrs. Reed is one of the main villains in Jane Eyre. That's because she is so terrible to Jane. All the way through, Mrs. Reed treats Jane kind of like the Dursleys treat Harry Potter. In a way, Mrs. Reed ends up the same way, because Jane goes away to a boarding school and gets an education and goes on to be a success, but their all failures. Mrs. Reed is the biggest failure of the bunch.

Mrs. Reed agrees to take care of Jane but fails at that. Jane does everything right but is still treated with suspision, like she's always up to somthing. John Reed is always up to something,  but she doesn't care. She loves John and she hates Jane. That's what makes Jane act out, and that's what makes Mrs. Reed send Jane away to Lowood school for girls. That's because Mrs. Reed failed not because Jane failed. She is a bad parent.

John is a bad person. As a kid, he tears everything up and breaks all the rules. As an adult, he gambles away his money and kills himself. He is like Dudley Dursley. He is a spoiled kid and becomes a spoiled man. His sister Georgiana is also spoiled. At least Eliza becomes a nun. But not even religion can save the other Reeds. They are bad people because of the bad choices of the mom.

Mrs. Reed drives everybody around herself crazy and then drives herself crazy. She acts like Jane is the problem and then even acts like Jane is dead. Mrs. Reed is the one who ends up dead. She has a stroke because she drives herslef crazy. Then Jane even says she forgives Mrs. Reed, but Mrs. Reed refuses the forgiveness. She dies bad, too.

Her bad choices lead to bad results. This shows the theme of you can't excape your past. This also shows the theme of status isn't everything. It also shows the theme of family is important.


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