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How can students share what they find?

All learning is social, so when students learn something new, they want to share it with others. They could simply corner a classmate and ramble on and on about the things they have learned—but that's not a very effective way to share. Instead, students can share what they know by creating a project.

Projects in Inquire

The final part of Inquire gives guidelines and examples of dozens of amazing projects that can work in any class, for any subject. Here's a list of the projects:

  • Basic Writing Projects: Paragraphs, summaries, e-mail, instructions, narratives, poems, plays, essays
  • Advanced Writing Projects: News reports, observation reports, lab reports, proposals, business letters, argument essays, research papers
  • Graphing Projects: Pie graphs, line graphs, bar graphs, tables, diagrams, time lines, flowcharts, infographics
  • Web Projects: Glogs, digital stories, blog posts, wiki posts, Web pages, Web sites
  • Audio-Visual Projects: Podcasts, slide shows, public service announcements, videos
  • Design Projects: Cartoons, posters, T-shirts, brochures, blueprints, scale models, Rube Goldberg machines
  • Performing Projects: Speeches, demonstration speeches, live interviews, debates, plays
  • Community Projects: Events, contests, campaigns, clubs

Teacher Support:

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Standards Correlations:

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