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WE 001 Why Write?

Teacher Tips and Answers


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Why Write?

Three Boys and a Tuna
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     My friends and I got bored one day walking home from school, so we decided to tell a story. I said we were all on a sailboat and asked my friends who they were and why they were there.

     Then, the storm hit! Thunder crashed. Monster waves capsized our boat. I asked my friends what they were doing to stay alive. Wade shared a tuna-fish sandwich with a sea turtle. They became friends. The turtle swam us to a desert island.

     That’s when the real adventure began! We caught a giant tuna and found a treasure and used coconuts to spell “HELP” in the sand. As friends got home, we stopped our story, but we picked it up again on our next walk home from school!

Desert Island Treasure
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The Express Connection

Kids like you have always made up stories about what they feel or imagine or learn. That’s why people write stories, essays, and reports, and that’s why we’ve created Writers Express for you. We also hope it helps you become a better reader, thinker, speaker, and all-around student!

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