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Closely Reading Nonfiction

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Closely Reading Nonfiction

Closely Reading Nonfiction

To read closely, remember SQ3R—Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review.

Survey, question, and read.

Use these instructions to closely read the following essay. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  1. Survey the text: Highlight the title, author, and headings.
  2. Question the topic and purpose: Write comments on the document.
  3. Read the text: Underline the focus statement and topic sentences.

Listen to "What Does the Fox Say?"

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Right Word
  • Right Word
  • Right Word

Recite and review.

Answer the following questions about the essay on animal idioms.

  1. What topic does the essay describe?

    The essay describes animal idioms—sayings that do not mean what they seem. These idioms relate to cats, dogs, and ducks.

  2. Write down the focus statement (the sentence that names the topic).

    Many languages have animal idioms.

  3. Write down the topic sentence about cat idioms.

    Cats often have their own sayings.

  4. Write your favorite cat idiom (a detail that supports this topic sentence).

    (Answers will vary.) “a cat’s forehead,” “the cat will come to the smallest door,” “he who doesn’t have a dog hunts with a cat.”

  5. What is the duck idiom from Britain? What does it mean?

    “Ducky” means that something is excellent or well suited.

  6. Use your imagination to come up with a “people idiom” that animals could say about us. Think from the point of view of an animal and come up with a clever saying. Explain what your idiom means.

    (Answers will vary.) Dogs might say someone “knows doorknob magic” meaning the person can open doors. Cats might say a person sitting at a desk is “lap impaired.”

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