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Teacher Tips and Answers

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5. Perform your poem.

After you have scripted and scored your poem, start reading it out loud. Keep practicing until all team members know their lines. Then get ready to perform.

Tips for Performing

  • Act confident. Stand straight. Don’t fidget.
  • Face your audience. As a rule, don’t turn your back to the audience. Let them see your face!
  • Introduce the poem and the poet. Before your performance, stand shoulder to shoulder. Together, announce the title of the poem and the poet’s name. Then move to your starting positions.
  • Use your “outside” voices. This is the voice you’ll need so everyone can hear you! Remember to add the right feelings and movements when you speak.
  • Take a bow. When your performance is over, pause for a moment, take a bow, and return to your seats.
Students Bow After Performing Their Poem
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