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Teacher Tips and Answers

Writing Your Résumé

If you've done your prewriting work, creating a résumé should be fairly straightforward. Simply fill in each section with your information. The activities below will help you use parallel construction and telegraphic style.

Writing with Parallel Structure and Telegraphic Style

All similar elements in your résumé should use parallel structure, which means the same grammatical form. For example, each work experience item should list job title, employer, dates of employment, and duties—in that order, with the same punctuation and treatment for each element. By contrast, lists of skills and qualifications might all be adjectives:


  • Lifeguard—Campground Pool, Summers 2016 to present: Work closely with manager and liaison, guard Olympic-sized pool, . . .
  • Stocker/bagger—Rioldi's Market, Fall-Spring 2017 to present: Work closely with store manager, stock shelves, . . .

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