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Teacher Tips and Answers

Writing a Literary Research Paper

If you have thoroughly researched your topic, you should have plenty of information to share in your first draft. Relax. Your job at this point is just to get your ideas down on the page. You don't have to get everything perfect right from the start. Instead, write freely, exploring ideas, relating concepts, quoting sources, paraphrasing, making connections. Once you get your ideas on the page, you'll have time to work with them and shape them. Right now, you should just focus on expressing what you've learned about your topic and doing so in a way that makes your curiosity infectious.

Writing the Beginning Paragraph

If you're having trouble deciding how to start, you can experiment with different strategies for catching your reader's interest. (If you'd rather just plunge in to writing your middle paragraphs, go ahead, and circle back to this step later.) Your lead sentence will begin your first paragraph and help to introduce your thesis statement.

Write a lead sentence.

Try out some of these strategies for introducing your research paper. Read the examples for ideas. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

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