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Teacher Tips and Answers

Writing a Classification Essay

Once you finish prewriting, you are ready to create the first draft of your ideas. These writing activities will help you create a strong beginning, middle, and ending for your classification essay. You'll also read another student's essay to see how all of the parts came together.

Writing the Beginning Paragraph

The beginning of your classification essay should introduce your topic with some interesting background information and then give your focus statement.

Write your beginning paragraph.

Create your first paragraph, starting with interesting background information and moving toward your focus statement. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

Lead Sentence

We humans have created devices, such as camouflage-patterned military fatigues and pepper spray, to protect ourselves in dangerous situations.

(Answers will vary.)

Detail Sentences

Have you ever wondered where we got the ideas for these tools? They may have come from examples set by other members of the animal kingdom. Animals face many dangers in their environments, and they have some unusual and inspired methods of defense.

(Answers will vary.)

Focus Statement

Three ways in which animals protect themselves are by changing colors, releasing chemicals, and giving up a body part.

(Answers will vary.)

Writing the Middle Paragraphs

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