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Teacher Tips and Answers

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Student Writer

Prewriting ■ Selecting and Gathering

Selecting a Topic

Olivia Davis’s eighth-grade class was writing historical essays about the Westward Expansion of the United States. She was shocked by the Trail of Tears and wanted to find a story that was more hopeful. Her school librarian suggested that Olivia learn about the remarkable life of Sacagawea, who guided the Corps of Discovery.

After reading about Sacagawea, Olivia knew she had found the subject of her historical essay.

Gathering Details

Olivia read articles and watched YouTube documentaries on Sacagawea. She took notes to keep track of her research. Here is one part:

Research Notes

Corps of Discovery Documentary—Feb. 12

Jefferson set it up to explore Louisiana Purchase

 — May 1804 to September 1806

 — Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

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