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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 43

Collecting Details

If you already know a lot about a topic, you won’t need to collect many additional details. On the other hand, for new topics, you may need to use two or three collecting strategies. You can choose from the strategies listed below and on page 44.

Additional Freewriting

Write freely for at least 3 to 5 minutes about your topic. This writing will help you see how many details you already know.


Make a list of ideas related to your topic. Keep listing as long as you can. (You can ask someone else to add to your list.)

5 W’s and H of Writing

Answer the 5 W’s and H—Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? to collect basic information and additional details about your topic.

Additional Clustering

Write your specific topic in the middle of a piece of paper. Then cluster related words and ideas around it. (See page 39.)

Critical Thinking

Think carefully about your topic by answering two or three of these questions.

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