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Teacher Tips and Answers

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  • People: a relative, a teacher, a classmate, a neighbor, someone you admire, a first friend, a store clerk, a crossing guard, a character on a TV show, a character in a book, a singer, a star athlete, an inventor, a parent or grandparent
  • Places: your room, an attic, the gym, a classroom, an ice rink, a swimming pool, the library, a yard, a river, a park, a hideout, the cafeteria, a favorite store, a doctor’s office
  • Objects or things: a poster, a stuffed animal, a computer game, a drawing, a junk drawer, a souvenir, a sandwich, a bike, a school bus, a gift, a jersey, a hat, a sweatshirt, a tree, a tree house
Selecting and Collecting
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Personal Narratives

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