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Teacher Tips and Answers

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Building a File of Writing Ideas

Most writers are interesting people. They know a lot about what’s going on, and they try to save as many details from their experiences as they can. These ideas give them starting points for their writing. The activities below can help you save ideas just like your favorite authors do. Have fun!

Think and act like a writer . . .

Always keep your eyes and ears open to interesting sights and sounds. On the way to school, you might see two crazy squirrels chasing each other around a tree. In class, you might overhear someone wondering “How does lightning know where a lightning rod is?” Later at home, you might daydream about being famous someday. What would it be like to have photographers waiting outside your door? You could use any of those ideas to write a story.

Writer's Notebook

Reserve a section in a notebook or journal where you can list some of the sights and sounds you collect each day.

Keep track of your experiences . . .

Start a “This Is My Life” list and keep adding to it throughout the school year. Here’s what you might include:

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