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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 407

Assessing Your Creative Thinking

Use the statements below to rate how much you use your creative thinking skills. In your mind, answer each statement with Always, Usually, Sometimes, or Never.

  1. I enjoy using my imagination.

  2. I enjoy brainstorming with others.

  3. I am able to visualize a problem or solution in my mind.

  4. I keep a journal and write down or draw my creative ideas.

  5. I ask “What if . . . ?” when I’m thinking.

  6. I can think quickly and add new ideas in a discussion.

  7. I try to imagine what life is like for other people.

  8. I recognize the creative people around me, and I watch what they do and how they do it.

  9. I listen carefully to the ideas of others.

  10. I make connections between things I know and things I wonder about.

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