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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 241

Prewriting Reading the Literature

Read Closely 🟪 As you read, think about the parts of the story: the characters, setting, conflict, episodes, climax, and resolution.

Plot Line Graphic

Summarize the Plot 🟪 Write one or two sentences to capture the overall plot of the story.

Mia and her family move into their new lake house, but her little sister runs off to the lake and jumps in a boat. When the rest of the family follows, they all end up dumping in the water. Mom and Mia rescue the others.

Suggest a Theme 🟪 Ask yourself what the story is about. How did the protagonist change, or what lesson did the protagonist learn?

“Little sisters and dogs are trouble, but they’re also fun.” Sometimes you have to nearly lose something to appreciate it.

Write Other Ideas 🟪 You may feel ready to start writing. If not, jot down ideas about the main character, plot, and setting to help you form your response.

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