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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 178

Make an Outline

If your teacher asks you to do an outline instead of a list, you will need to decide which details are going to be in the first paragraph (I.), the second paragraph (II.), and so on. And remember, if you have an A, you should also have a B.

I. Ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphics.

    A. Scribes wrote them on clay tablets.

    B. They used more than 1,500 symbols.

    C. About 140 symbols were sound signs.

II. Papyrus was like paper and led to easier writing.

    A. Hieratic writing on papyrus was like cursive.

    B. Hieratic writing developed into demotic writing.

III. Ancient Mesopotamians had a different system.

    A. Cuneiform used sticks to press wedges into clay.

    B. Cuneiform was used to track debts and other business.

IV. Hieroglyphs and cuneiform inspired other writing.

    A. Proto-Sinaitic script was the first alphabet.

    B. It began in 1800 B.C.

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