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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 170

Prewriting Organizing Your Details

Make a List 🟪 Before you write your essay, identify the details that support your focus and put them in the right order. You can do so by making a numbered list.

1. Origin as hunting dog from Reverend Jack Russell; different names over time

2. Appearance—including size, coloring, shape, features

3. Personality of breed—including energy, friendliness, and loyalty

4. Traits that come from hunting, such as bringing home animals and digging holes

Make an Outline 🟪 Your teacher may ask you to use an outline instead of a list. In that case, you need to decide which details will be going in the first paragraph, the second paragraph, and so on. See the sample below.

I. Created by Reverend John “Jack” Russell

    A. Fox hunting breed in 1800s England

    B. Small, fast, feisty

    C. Perfected in Australia as Parson Terrier

II. Small but tough for hunting

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