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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 162

Writing Developing Your Response

Beginning 🟪 Set the scene, introduce the people involved, and reveal the problem or conflict at the center of the narrative.

Middle 🟪 Share events in time order. Refer to your time line as you write, but feel free to add other important details as you tell your story. Include the following elements:

  • Actions: Show what people did during the experience. (Use active verbs.)

  • Dialogue: Tell what people said during the experience. (Use quotation marks to indicate the speaker’s words.)

  • Sensory details: Use sights, sounds, smells, and so on to make the experience vivid.

Ending 🟪 The ending should describe how the experience concluded and what you learned from it.

Revising Improving Your Response

To create the best response, save time to check your work and change anything that isn’t clear. Ask yourself these questions:

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