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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 161

Prewriting Planning Your Response

Find a Specific Focus 🟪 Even though the prompt will tell you what the general subject is, you will still have to narrow your focus to one specific topic or event to write about. You can use this formula to find a specific focus to write about.

The Subject + Your Specific Story =

An experience that taught a lesson + The tree house filled with wasps

A Focused Subject

How Steve and I learned not to play with chemicals or wasps

Create a Quick Time Line 🟪 Once you decide on a focus, you need to think about and list (very quickly) the important things that happened during your story. Make sure the details are arranged in the order in which they happened.

1. Steve had a tree house with a wasp nest.

2. We couldn’t find wasp killer.

3. We tried ammonia.

4. The wasps got really mad.

5. I kicked up the board.

6. We ran for our lives!

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